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Model Identification
Honda AN600 Sedan: all were 2 doors with trunk, 1969-1972, first sold in Hawaii in 1969. In 1970 they were imported to California and elsewhere. Sticker price was $1295.00 or so. Early cars up to mid year 1971 were all non synchromesh transmission. When the new features were added so was a fully synchromesh transmission. New features for sedan included: chrome outer body strips, deluxe interior with chrome trim, retractable seat belts, seat belt buzzer, synchro trans, etc.

Honda AZ600 Coupe: all were 2 doors with hatchback, 1971-1972, Colors only - Orange, Yellow, Olive Green, Blue. 1971 cars had 5 piece rear bumper (flat with 2 little over riders), the hood prop was hinged in the middle. 1972 AZ600's were modified to meet more DOT Specs, these upgrades included retractable seat belts, dash board warning device "Fasten Seat Belt", 3 piece rear bumper, 1 piece hood stick.

Honda S 600: 1964-1966, convertible & coupe, 9500 rpm twin cam engine, rear wheel drive, drive shaft to rear end and chain drive to each wheel.

Honda S 800: 1966-1970, convertible & coupe, first years had chain drive rear end, by 1967 the MKI had solid rear end.

Honda 600 Engine ID: Engine number is stamped in a raised rectangular block to the Left of the cooling fan on top of the transmission cases (left as you sit in the car). Honda 600 Sedans with engine # N600E-10 - are all non synchro. Sedans with engine # N600E-15 - are all synchromesh and all USA Coupes are synchro and bear the ID of N600E-25. It is possible to use any engine in any vehicle. The main differance is that the Coupe engine has a tachometer drive and the breather tube goes off to the opposite side from the sedan.

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