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Modified 600s
Hugh Mings Stretched 600 Coupe:

As you can see made from 2 coupes. Hugh says it's a real head turner when he picks up friends at the airport.


Meet Dinky 1 - I built this shorty car in 1985. It has 48" wheel base and 48" track (4x4).

It is incredible fun to drive - though dangerous. It weighs 900 lbs.

1970 Sedan Truck:

My first modification and my company vehicle. Built in 1981.

This 'lil Coupster:

Belongs to Pete in Grover Beach Ca. He saved the original top which can be re-installed in minutes for winter driving. Pete also did a beautiful job recovering the dash in black leather, the seats are plush red velour. Car may be for sale.

Honda 600 Meet August 1993:

This is Tony Weston's slightly modified Honda 600 sedan. The engine is Datsun 1500cc, rear wheel drive to a Datsun 1200 third member. Radiator is mounted under the back end with tubing running up to the engine.

Tony's Engine:

Honda sedan with Datsun 1500cc Mill, rear wheel drive. Now resides in San Luis Obispo Ca.

Honda 600's Being Minaturized:

For stowing in converted busses. This one belongs to Ray Cave in MO.

From the movie "Malcolm":

You can still rent this film or maybe buy a used one. Movie is pretty slow going, but the Honda scenes are good.

Other Movies Starring Honda 600's:

Terminator - scene in parking garage - a blue sedan gets destroyed.

Up in Smoke - Honda Coupe in opening scenes.

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